[How-To] Play Free Games Online Without Downloading

GamingChase: Now You Can Play Free Games Online Without Downloading. We will tell you how to Play Free Games Online Without Downloading.

Play Free Games Online Without Downloading

Play Free Games Online Without Downloading

Most of the peoples want to play Games in their Mobile but they do not play because of some problems. And most of the peoples have the same problem and problem is that their Mobile devices are not High-End. They can not Play their Favorite Popular game Like PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, and other Big Games.

You can also see some videos on Youtube that tell you How to Play free online games without download but few of them are fake ones also. To be frank you can Play Big games like Pubg Mobile, Fortnite, And other Games also but for a limited time.

Today we are Going to share with you the best way and with this method, you can Play Your all favorite games like PUBG online without Downloading and you also do not face any problem if you read the full article.

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Play Free Games Online without Download - Apps

Many ways are available to play free games online but we tell you a few best apps to play games without any problem.

Gloud Games (Cloud Gaming)

play free games - gloud games

Gloud Games is one of the best and popular App because this app gives you a service called Cloud Gaming that helps you to play free Games Online without download any Game. Gloud Game also gives you access to play PC games.

Gloud Games is the best way to play all Most Popular Games online in free. You can play all games free but for a limited time. Yes, this app gives you limited 30 Minutes daily to play free online games after 30 Minutes you need to Buy their VIP subscription or Coins.

But if you do not want to Buy their Vip subscription, Do not worry because there are still some ways you can increase your Daily time. You can increase your limited time by Completing daily Missions and Watching some ads. These ways are not too Good but still, You can use these ways and increase your playtime little.

Gloud Games is available to download for free on Google Play Store. This is also a good thing that we also do not need to download any Paid apps from other websites that were harmful to your Mobile. We also recommend you to download Gloud Games from Google Play Store.

Gloud Games Requirements

Gloud Games is a Cloud Gaming service so you need some special requirements in your Mobile device for using this service. So please check the requirements because if these are not available you can not use Gloud Games to Play Free Games Online without Download.

  1. High-Speed Internet Connection
  2. RAM - 2GB
  3. Android Version 4.1+
  4. Works in All GPU

These are the Only Requirements to Play Your Free Games Online without Download.

Chikki App Emulator

Play games free online

Chikki App is also one of the best apps to play free games without download. This app is also a cloud gaming app but this app is different from Gloud Games in features. Chikki App also Gives you access to PC and PS4 games to Play Online in free. This app is also available on Google play store for free.

Chiki Gives you 100 Coins in Starting and You can use them and Play Any Game for one hour but after playing one hour you need to spend real money. You do not get Daily 1 Hour time for playing any Game for free while Gloud Games gives you 30 Minutes daily time.

But do not worry again because we also give you some best tips to increase your time. You can increase your time by making different accounts. You need to log in this first and need an account if you are new. So You can create a new account when your 1 Hour is finished.

Chikki apps Give you some limited PC and PS4 games. On the other hand, Gloud Games gives you a variety of 200+ Games to play free online without download. But if you do not have a Good internet speed then you cannot play Gloud Games but if you have an average internet speed your Game runs smoothly in Chikki App.

Chikii App Requirements

Chikii app is also a cloud gaming based emulator so you also need some requirements for this app.

  1. RAM - 2GB
  2. Average internet speed
  3. Android version 4.0+
  4. Works in All devices

These are the requirements for the chikii app. If these are available in your device then Go to Google Play Store and Play Free Games Online without downloading.

Play Free Games Online

We tell You some of the best Apps that help you to play your favorite games for free without download. Many other apps or ways also available to play Your favorite games online but most of these are not free.

You can play Your favorite games for free in gloud games or in the Chikii app. If you have high-speed Internet Connection you must try Gloud Games because Gloud Games gives you 200+ games to play for free.

But if you do not have high internet speed then you can use the Chikii app because this is one of the best apps that can run all games smoothly. But this app gives you 50+ Games not 200+ Games like Gloud Games.

When Any New App comes that help you to play free games online without download, we must add in our list.


We tell you Some best apps or ways to play free games online without a download. Now you can play your favorite games without any problem. We also add more apps or ways in the list when a new free and safe app will come.

Stay tuned for more amazing Contents.

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