(200MB) Download GTA 4 Android Apk latest version with HD Graphics

Download GTA 4 Android Apk with ultra HD graphics. GTA 4 Android Apk free download from GamingChase.GTA 4 Android Apk with a full guide.

About GTA 4 Android Apk 

gta 4 android apk

GTA 4 is one of the famous games in all grand theft auto games because of Hd graphics and cars. GTA 4 is officially launched for pc in 2008, but rockstar stops developing a game for android because they did not make any reasonable profits. They developed GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, GTA liberty city stories for android, but GTA 4 Android is not officially launched by rockstar. Maybe, in future rockstar develop GTA 4 Android Version.
Some game developers try to make Clones of GTA 4, and they made a fantastic clone of GTA 4 Android. They did not publish this version on google play store because of copyright policies. This version includes HD graphics and cars. This is the beta version when it comes in the full version we update this article and download link also. When you play this game, you can feel that this game has incredible gameplay with HD graphics.
This game size is only 200MB. If we compare other fan-made versions of GTA 4, then this version is much better to correspond to different versions. We will guide you on how you can play this game in android, and also, we make GTA 4 Android  tutorial+gameplay for you on Youtube.

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GTA 4 Android Apk (Requirements)

You do not need any high requirements for playing this game like 32 GB ROM, 8GB RAM, but still, you need some conditions. If these requirements are available on your device, then this game is easily played in your device. If these requirements are not available in your android. I suggest that you can try this game because the size is too small.
  1. 1GB RAM (Minimum)
  2. 4GB Device storage (Minimum)
  3. Android version 5.0+
  4. GTA 4 Android Apk
if these requirements are available in your device then sure you can download and play this game and game is worked in your device but if these are not available, sorry this version is not for you. you can check other games which are available on our website free. Some of the games are also worked in your device.

GTA 4 Android Apk (Features)

GTA 4 is not officially released by rockstar because rockstar stopped to make android games because they did not make any good profit from android games so they stopped to make android games but maybe, in the future, they again make GTAT Games for android users. This version is also made by the freaky studio. GTA 4 PC official game has a very big open-world with ultra HD graphics with many vehicles but GTA 4 Android Apk does not have all features like cars,open-world, missions, and many characters, but still, this is fantastic because the size is too small, and this version has HD graphics, and vehicles, and other things.
  1. open world
  2. cars
  3. HD graphics
  4. missions
  5. offline

Download GTA 4  Android Apk(link)

GTA 4 is not available on google play store and also not on the app store because GTA 4 is not officially released by rockstar but when it is available on google play store and on the app store it will be paid like other GTA Games and the price will also high but for now, this version is free for all you can download it fo below link
Recommended- read the article before download it.

How to install GTA 4 Android Apk?

we always provide a video tutorial who interested in the video tutorial and who interested in reading we provide you a full written guide. We highly recommend you follow our steps because if you can not do any single steps, maybe, your game is not working on the device. so please follow our steps carefully. we recommended you to watch the video because we also attached the gameplay of this version after watching gameplay if you like the graphics and other things you can download it.
Watch this youtube video tutorial - Click here
Follow these steps

Step1: click on download and follow steps, subscribe channel>like video> get a download link.
Step2: After download Apk, open file manager>install Apk
Step3: all done,  now you can enjoy your game

GTA 4 Android Apk FAQS

what is the size of GTA 4 Apk?
The only 200mb, GTA 4 Android Apk size, is only 200MB.

Is GTA 4 Android Apk officially developed by rockstar?
No, GTA 3 is the last game developed by rockstar for android.

How can I download GTA 4 Android?
You just need to follow our steps, which are given in the article.

Cars are available or not in this version?
Yes, cars are available in this version. 

How can I unlock the download link?
you just need to watch our video tutorial- click here


I hope you download GTA 4 Android Apk because this is the better version compared to others, and also you can see cars and HD graphics in this version.do not overthink just download the game and enjoy. we also give a FAQ section for you and we also provide an installation guide but if you face any problem, make a comment and I will guide you to play the game.

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